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Time Travel Essay

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Throughout history, the plausibility of time traveling has remained at the pinnacle of scientific research. Imagine traveling into the future to see how one’s own life turns out. Surely the human brain could not comprehend how such a feat could be possible. One could determine whether or not he or she has reached their goals in life. One could look into their own future and realize that it is not what they truly desire. He or she could then certainly prevent an unwanted future. To some, it may sound thoroughly unattainable, however, scientists have conveyed years of research supporting the achievability.

Time travel has possessed a label of being insurmountable. It is an aspect of science that has forever challenged brilliant scientists to prove its existence. Scientists such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Faulkner have developed theories and proofs that support it without breaking the laws of physics. The phenomenon known as time travel is theoretically possible and will subsist in virtue of everyday time travel, through Albert Einstein’s infamous theory of relativity, and utilizing a topological feature of space time.

Time travel is all around the world today, occurring left and right. When most think of time travel, they automatically think of cutting-edge time machines and other in depth theories possessing ways to transport humans into the future and the past. However, time travel is very much existent in society, the majority of the population just does not realize it. Every human alive today travels in time. Each year that a person lives, she or he has moved forward one year (Dr. Marc). Dr Marc reasons that “Another way to say that is that we travel in time at the rate of 1 hour per hour.

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” The rate of course, is experienced by every living thing on earth. A simple way to understand how every being time travels is to picture time as a river. A river is constantly flowing and moving, as is time (Bonsor 1). Time also moves at different speeds in contrasting settings, similar to that of a river. Kevin Bonsor claims that, “In other words, time is relative” (1). The idea that time is like a river was first put forward by Albert Einstein back in the early 1900s. Therefore, there is a strict connection between time and space.

The relationship between space and time is more simple than most people think. Most people would find it surprising to learn that time travel takes places everyday. Everything in the world is made up of matter, and matter takes up space. Therefore, anything that dominates space has a relationship with time. That relationship refers to time as a river in that people are constantly moving in time. Every living thing in the world not only moves with time but ages with it as well. Each aches the effects of time, the growing pains, the getting sick, and the dying.

Not only does one experience the growing of time, but everyday, living matter is exposed to the movement of it. Speed is vital to how time travel occurs. Without it, movement through time would not be possible. The rate and tempo of how something moves plays a chief role in how humans experience time (Lamb 1). Lamb explains that “Time will pass more slowly the closer one approaches the unbreakable cosmic speed limit we call the speed of light” (1). For example, the hands of a clock on a speeding vehicle will move more slowly than those of a motionless clock (Bonsor 1).

The main idea is that the clock on the speeding vehicle would have been slowed by billionths of a second compared to that of the clock at standstill. Even though a traveler onboard the hurried vehicle wouldn’t notice the slight disparity, time dilation has ensured. Time dilation is a major backbone of the possibility of time travel and adheres to Einstein’s theory of relativity. According to Webster’s Dictionary, time dilation is “an observed difference of elapsed time between two observers which are moving relative to each other, or being differently situated from nearby gravitational masses.

” However, Einstein displays that the theory of time dilation can be simplified into a concept easier to grasp. According to Nostradamus, “To measure the speed of time you need at least two objects that travel at different speeds. When they reunite, time has past differently for each object. ” This theory supports how time is directly related to speed, which also associates with Relativity. The Einstein Theory of Relativity was a breakthrough in the laws of physics. To this day, the theory is a staple in the research of physicists across the globe.

Relativity is simple, yet vital to supporting time travel. Nostradamus defines the theory as “According to this theory, time passes differently for celestial bodies that move at different velocities… we ourselves are physical beings that inhabit a planet that moves with a fixed speed” (1). In other words, if any physical object strays close to the speed of light, then that object will pass through time slower compared to an object that lingers motionless (Notradamus 1). The central idea behind this law is that time is relative, not linear.

Time is relative because there is no universal time. Time is constantly depending on other aspects. Time not only relates but depends on the speed and movement of the matter. Philosopher of science Pili Unofre explains how Relativity relates to time travel by reasoning that “His [Einstein] Theory of Relativity published in 1905, theoretically speculated that traveling close to the speed of light (300,000,000 meters per second) would physically alter time by dilating it” (1).

Traveling at such an extreme rate of speed consequently expands and somewhat widens time. Hence “time dilation. ” Einstein’s theories perfectly abide by the laws of physics and are theoretically quite possible. For instance, there is a simple to explain how relativity and time dilation would allow one to travel into the future without contravening the laws of physics. Say there were two 25 year old men. One left earth on the year 2050 speeding into space at a velocity close to the speed of light.

The other man, stayed on earth and lived through stationary time. The man speeding into space orbiting the earth does so for 5 years. However, how would one travel at such a speed? Surely some critical engineering and advanced scientific construction would be needed to build a machine capable of attaining speeds close to the speed of light. In order to “time travel” into the future, humans would need to produce an apparatus competent of reaching an almost impossible speed.

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